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Jean Baptiste

Pointe DuSable

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Show your love here by clicking the following links: GoFundMe,   and sign the petition here​ 

  1. Martin’s International Foundation (MIF)

  2. Haitian American Lawyers Association of Illinois (HALA)

  3. Hon. Danny K. Davis, Illinois Congressman

  4. Hon. Toni Preckwinkle, President, Cook County Board of Commissioners

  5. Hon. Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court

  6. Alderman David Moore- City Council Liaison

  7. Alderman Sophia King

  8. Alderman Pat Dowell

  9. Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.

  10. Hon. Nicholas Smith, Illinois State Representative

  11. Rev. Dr. Pastor Bachus- Friendship Baptist Church

  12. Pastor Eric Taylor – Manifest Ministry

  13. Mr. Lloyd Hyde, Jamaican Hon. Consul

  14. WVON AM 1690 Radio - Midway Broadcasting

  15. Stanmorr Sports Inc.

  16. LLU –World-Wide Entertainment LLC- Dr. Larry Love

  17. Art Norman- NBC 5 Chicago

  18. Chicago Music Foundation

  19. The Caribbean Association of Midwest America,

  20. UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association

  21. African Global Chamber of Commerce AGCC)

  22. African International House (AIH)- Mr. Patrick Woodtor

  23. Figurative Art Studio LLC

  24. Morrison’s Imperial Investigation & PS
    Englewood Enterprise Gallery - Nuri Madina

  25. Urban Grind TV- Wally Lockard

  26. Preservation of Belizean History and Culture

  27. United Black American Progress Association

  28. The Covenant Holy Sabbath Movement- USA

  29. Intl House Music Hall of Fame/One House One City

  30. Kinam Media Group

  31. Team Jamaica United

  32. Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC)

  33. The Progressive Minds Show

  34. Haitian American Book Club Chicago

  35. Ghana National Council

  36. Jamaica4 Life Organization

  37. P.O.E.T (People of Extraordinary Talent)

  38. DuSable Heritage Association

  39. Hon. Council Charif Hachim- East Africa

  40. Spectrum Nursing, Inc.

  41. Star Planet TV

  42. Music Box Foundation

  43. Dominion Music Group

  44. Chicago Join Hands

  45. Taesue Entertainment

  46. DJ Phantom University

  47. Harris Business Enterprise/Love, Truth and Peace Foundation

  48. PHENOM Emcee Skool - Mentoring Organization

  49. Projectborn Elitemind LLC.

  50. The State of the African Diaspora

  51. Creative Tea FDS Organization

  52. African Spectrum Newspaper

  53. African Diaspora Sixth Region Association of Illinois

  54. Globo Life Media

  55. ChiCaribbean United

  56. Chicago Caribbean Carnival

  57. Bantu Inc Organization

  58. Insurance Brokers Inc.

  59. AFRICA-USA Today Magazine

  60. 25th Century Radio- Clif’s Enterprise.

  61. Manifest Ministry

  62. Haitian American Nurses Association Ms. Monique Germain

  63. Operation S.O.S. Ms. Colette Jeffries

  64. Haitian American Professional Association

  65. Haitian American Nurses Association Ms. Monique Germain

  66. Association Médicale Haïtienne à L'Étranger (AMHE) Dr. Pierre Paul Cadet President

  67. Boyce Sound Productions

  68. Academic Achievement Institute

  69. Bethlehem Home Organization 

  70. Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti Ms. Marie-Lynn Toussaint Chair

  71. His Excellency, Jean Alexandre, Haitian Ambassador at the U.N. (Ret.)

  72. Afrika Enterprises Consulting and PR.

  73. Jamaican American Club (a nonprofit organization)

  74. Predestine Outreach Ministries – Minister Betty Kellum

  75. Observatoire Patrimoine - Ileus PAPILLON

  76. Beyond All Borders, LLC.- Ms. Carolyn Anderson

  77. Elijah Smith Insurance Agency

  78. The Midwest Jamaica Corps (MIJAC) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization

  79. The Marcus Garvey Institute

  80.  and others





See official  supporting coalition of organizations and others : Including Elected Officials, Faith-Based and Media, etc. in support of the Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Causes:

Jean Baptist Point DuSable – GoFundme Support List:

Below are the name of the leaders of the various supporting organizations and individuals.

Today 56 donors with one person twice. 1  share 139 share and 56 following.

  1. Ephraim Martin – Martin’s International Foundation +

  2. Justice Shelvin L. M. Hall- Illinois Court of Appeal

  3. Stanmorr Sports Inc.- Joseph Stanford

  4. LLU –World-Wide Entertainment LLC- Larry Love

  5. African Spectrum News – Berko and Pauline Owusu

  6. Haitian American Museum of Chicago- Elsie Hernandez – Founder

  7. Justice L. Priscilla Hall- Ret NY Supreme Court

  8. Erik Blome - 10.              Figurative Art Studio LLC

  9. Eric Sexton  - Dominion Music Group

  10. Herbert Witter- Insurance Brokers Inc

  11. Morrison’s Imperial Investigation & PS

  12. Melida Harris  - Love, Peace and Truth Foundation

  13. Yolaine Dauphin – Attorney - HALA

  14. Intl House Music Hall of Fame/One House One City- DJ Farley

  15. Boyce Sound Production

  16. Predestine Outreach Ministries-  Minister Betty Kellum

  17. Englewood Enterprise Gallery – Nuri Madina

  18. Elijah Smith Insurance Agency

  19. The Midwest Jamaica Corps (MIJAC) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

  20. Clarie Moreau- Haitian

  21. Beyond All Borders, LLC

  22. Hon. Nick Smith- Illinois State Representative

  23. Mr. Lloyd Hyde- Jamaica Hon. Consul

  24. Anastasie Senat -  Haitian Lawyer

  25. Wally Lockard- Urban Grind TV

  26. Vinnette Pryce- Journalist

  27. Dominique Cennery- Haitian Sculptor

  28. Mr. Etzer Cantave- DuSable Heritage Association (DHA)

  29. Dana Martin -  Truly Inspired Martin, LLC

  30. Ms. Valerie Hill – Martin’s International PR

  31. Tremell Williams – Projectborn Elitemind, LLC

  32. Deon Lopez- Caribbean Association of Midwest America

  33. Clyde Banks – UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Assoc.)

  34. Patricia Gordon – Team Jamaica United

  35. Clifton Edwards- 25th Century Radio

  36. Foxy Brown – Entertainer/celebrity

  37. Juneau Francois – MIF Haitian Talent Rep.

  38. Maria Ihekwaba – Martin’s International Events

  39. Rev. Thomas “Tommy” Savage Jr.

  40. Courtney Panton- Indika Band

  41. Stephanie Cummings-Collins

  42. Kenny Jean Baptiste-

  43. William Smith- Martin’s International Events

  44. Debbie Bass

  45. Camille Jackson

  46. Sonora Talmadge  

  47.  Clark Lamonthe  

  48.  Donovan Brown – twice

  49. Lynnette Hobbs-  Chicago Music Foundation- MI affiliate.

  50. Emmanuel Adophy  - the Covenant Holy Sabbath Movement- USA

  51. Sena Alinco- Progressive Mind Radio

  52. Valeda Williams- Martin’s International

  53. L. Crayton

  54. Oswald Martin

  55. Carol Carter -  Friend of Martin’s Special Events

  56. June Barrett -  Diverse Music Management?

  57. Ileus Papillon- Haiti base Rep.

  58. Karl Villanueva  - Preservation of Belize History and Culture

  59. Noel Jonathas

  60. Virginia Mendoza- 

  61. Jose Garcia-

  62. Silvain Songo- Bantu Inc. Organization

  63. Frederick Campbell

  64. Tanya S Mason Dlakiya

  65. Phyllis Robinson

  66. Jean Young

  67. Reggae Tuh Reggae- Cashma Bryan

  68. Martine Mathurin

  69. Frandy Jeannis

  70. Fegen Louis

  71. Bemol Telfort

  72. Richecard Cine

  73. Ernest Albert

  74. Osbourne “Ossie” Elliott

  75. Dennis Smith

  76. Dennis Smith-2nd

  77. Anonymous (Ronella N.)

  78. Anonymous – donor.

Some of our media partners will be proving barter supports tenure the project and may not necessary be cash donors. The names of our contributions (not amount contributed; except the ones in green are the ones above the suggested donation request ) will be displayed on the website and on some social media starting by Monday of this week. We hope to have a contributions display board near the monument with the names of the 1000s of contributors when the monument is unveiled.

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