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How can we stop the Legends from dying? Reggae has lost yet another, and one of its most iconic members in the Person of the Black Heart man, Jah B- Bunny Wailer.  Now all three original members of the Wailers have made their transition.

Since the global Pandemic the reggae industry has lost an unbelievable number of its original members.

As we are in full preparation for our 39th International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), Martin's International will take special time to dedicate a part of its 2021 IRAWMA ceremony to reflect on those whom we have lost since COVID-19, regardless of the reasons of their death.

Bunny Wailer is an IRAWMA Awards Hall of Fame Inductee, and

multiple Award winner over our last 38 years.  In 2019 he was one

of our recipients for the, “TheReggae50”  honor at the 37th

IRAWMA in Kingston Jamaica.


My personal relationship with Bunny Wailer, goes back to 1976 when I was a Photojournalist with the Gleaner and Star newspapers.  On behalf of Martin’s International, IRAWMA and the Reggae community our deepest and sincerest condolences to his  wife Jean Watt, his family, manager Maxine Stowe and friends. How can we stop the Legends from dying? They live on in our hearts.


Ephraim Martin

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