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remembering peter tosh

October 19, 2020

Happy Earthday to my very good friend, Peter Tosh. Thanks for the ital meal and real carrot juice you provided Martin's International team on our last visit to your home in Jamaica in the 1980s. You were the first person to ask me to introduce you on stage during your 1981 tour in Chicago. Your encouragement and support for the launching of the first IRAWMA (International Reggae and World Music Awards), and to use the music as a vehicle of expression for the voiceless peoples of the world and for an end to Apartheid will always be remembered. You would be pleased to know that we are now preparing for the 39th annual IRAWMA to be held on May 2, 2021, in Jamaica. You were the Ambassador for the legalization of marijuana (Ganja) and you have paid the price. Today with the legalization of marijuana in America is bringing in Billions of dollars to the US economy, without the people who paid the price behind Bars seeing any benefits... There is so much to say about you and our experiences in your time, but at another time we will say more. Again, Happy 76!

Ephraim Martin- Michael Black- Peter tos
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